Our Lady of Victory Chapel at St. Mary’s High School

The Bishop of Bismarck, North Dakota commissioned ATSR to design a 700-seat chapel (cathedral) as part of the new St. Mary’s High School.

At the crossing of the Gothic-styled nave is a dome over which stands a gilded statue of Mary. Expansive stained glass windows flood the interior with light and color. An apse balcony for five choir members, two confessionals, and a sacristy complete the chapel. The large nave has a dome the likes of Notre Dame, a vaulted metal Gothic roof structure, expansive stained glass windows, an apse, a balcony for 50 choir members, two sets of confessionals, and two sacristies. The narthex is designed for large group fellowship and connects to the school circulation pathway. The project held it’s inaugural masses in September 2021.


Light of Christ Catholic Schools, & the Bishop of Bismarck


North Dakota


New Construction